Hair Restoration with PRP

Hair Restoration
with PRP

Hair Restoration

PRP Therapy

Not only is PRP Therapy excellent for the face, but it is also widely used for hair restoration. Hair replacement experts can use PRP to increase hair growth in both men and women struggling with androgenic alopecia or any form of hair loss.

PRP injections help trigger a natural hair growth response. This is achieved by increasing the blood supply to a hair follicle which helps increase the hair’s thickness.

How Does PRP Therapy for Hair Loss Work?
Similar to the PRP Therapy treatment for the face, during a treatment the blood will be drawn from the arm and then placed into the centrifuge machine. The blood will spend time in the machine where the plasma is properly separated from the rest of the blood.

Once this is done, the plasma is drawn up into a syringe and is then injected into the scalp in the areas that required help with hair growth.

The plasma may help stimulate hair growth and increase the thickness of the hair in those treated areas.

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